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Most organizations have senior and emerging senior employees who could benefit at some point in their career from a neutral third party coach, assessor and advocate.  In executive coaching, we work with an individual, his / her “boss” and other identified participants to identify the client’s strengths and weaknesses and help the client develop a professional development plan for growth.  Many times the technical performance of the executive is less an issue than the person’s leadership or interpersonal style.  

Since leadership or personal style can have such a critical link to accomplishing “the mission,” coaching is viewed as a organization business investment as well as a development opportunity.  For those reasons, one-on-one assessment of issues, feedback and neutral coaching in changing approach or style can provide significant effective and long-term results for executive and his / her colleagues.

Normally the steps of the process include:

  1. Jointly clarifying the goals of the individual being coaching; 

  2. Identifying any additional goals of the “coachee’s’” boss so the work is “aligned” with the organization;

  3. Confirming confidentiality of the coaching between the coach, coachee and employees;

  4. Gathering of data from identified colleagues on the executive’s strengths and weaknesses;

  5. Analyzing interview data for themes;

  6. Delivering interview feedback and recommendations to the employee;

  7. Supporting development of a customized action plan for change;

  8. Coaching on a weekly / bi-weekly basis as the employee implements behavior change and other plan elements; and

  9. Follow-up interviews after three months of coaching to help assess the executive’s success in making his / her desired behavior changes.

Once the data is analyzed, it is then fed back and the person selects what he/she will work on. During the three month coaching period that follows, the individual tries new things, discusses successes and failures, and begins habituating the desired behavior. Coaching meetings are held once a month to support the changes that are being made. 

At the end of three months, all interviewees are interviewed once more and each rate the amount of difference they see in the person's behavior from their first interview to the current time. The final summarized data is reported back to the individual receiving executive coaching so that he/she can assess where continued work is necessary. 

Finally, the employee being coached shares the summary report with his/her reporting supervisor and the coaching is then transferred back to the operating supervisor.



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