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Support During Corporate 
Mergers and Acquisitions

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Organization and human development assistance for business planning and execution of a merger or acquisition is one of the best investments a corporation can make.  Even organizations who make substantial changes in their workforce and as a result move to a “fresher” identity and strategy are actually considered “mergers” in the current business environment.  The strategic value, which originally prompted negotiations between two “companies,” can easily be diminished if the substantial human and corporate organizational issues are not addressed early in the process. Skilled integration of the corporate cultures and human resources is a specialty of Davis Wick Consulting.  The work requires special support and focus on:
  1. The merger and integration of the two corporate cultures;

  2. The development and implementation of the new "blended" culture - one that can be recognizable and supported by both "sets" of employees;

  3. The development of a human resource strategy for addressing the quality of personnel and the identification of job overlap; 

  4. The retention of key personnel; 

  5. The development of a strategy for a reduction in force;

  6. The management of pre-announcement confidentiality; and

  7. The plan for managing personal stress, employee turmoil, and fears prompted by structural uncertainty.

When organizations acknowledge the value of their human and cultural resources, they seek the expertise necessary to help them develop a strategy to deal with these assets.  Research shows that the reward for legitimizing these assets will be protection of productivity, control of destabilization, on-target identification of key corporate players, a well managed approach to employee turn-over and both clear and compassionate support to employees as they experience the entire integration process.


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