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Organization Design and Restructuring

Org Design
Blocks? There's nothing like drawing boxes on the back of an envelope to make us feel like we've got an organization problem "under control." The simple act of moving work around, creating a job to fit the person, assigning an abrasive employee to "special projects" all give the illusion of simple solutions for complex problems.  

The goal of organization design, however, is much more than moving a pea from one cup to another. Questions should be addressed and analyzed even before the first design steps are taken:

1.                 What, again, are a mission and vision?

2.                 What are our driving organizational strategies?

3.                 What are our core business processes?

4.                 What are the three most difficult problems your organization faces? What part of each could be "solved" by structural redesign?

5.                 Which of your problems have solutions in new systems, new approaches to skill and staff, strategy, leadership or goals?

6.                 How will each business process best be housed in the organization's design?

7.                 What makes your customers loyal to you?

8.                 Given that, what structure options best line up to their needs and requirements?

9.                 How can you guarantee a home base for each employee regardless of design approach?

10.             How mature (in technical ability and experience) are the employees in the potential portions of the organization being considered?

11.             How high is the potential for cross training and multiple job functioning given that maturity?

12.             How can you ensure an effective and practical transition plan for the potential new design?

Davis Wick Consulting guides clients through the complexities of the design process making maximum use of your organization's resources, knowledge and expertise. Collaborative design is what we're best at and helping clients ferret out which issues to solve with which solutions is what we’re known for.



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