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Implementation of Organization Change

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Implementing a good idea is usually harder than thinking it up in the first place. This is especially true in organizations where putting in place a new practice requires many peoples' understanding, agreement, and willingness to act.  Then, of course, there needs to be an established commitment to keep up the new practices even if no one's looking and they think the old idea simply "made more sense" to them.

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To implement, one needs to capture peoples' minds, hearts and spirit. And, to do that takes planning, diligence, testing, self-correction and collaboration. Implementing means documenting everything that must be done (one step at a time) to go from the place that the organization is now to the new practice process or system that is now seen as the "future state." Planning the necessary political "moves" of the implementation requires willful and deliberate planning to capture the potentially dangerous organizational forces in change and use them to the changing organization's advantage. This planning and documentation includes not just listing the action steps but also designing the work that can capture the understanding and interest of the implementers (change management).

Transition or Implementation Plan

The Transition or Implementation Plan builds a BRIDGE FROM the current way things are to the place you want the organization to be. Building toward it is the only way to get to the desired future. E-mailing change or verbally ordering things to change won't make a new idea happen permanently.


NOT developing a detailed implementation plan and trying instant implementation will most certainly lead to "clean up" - a faux new state. In the pretend new state, pieces of the new are combined hap-hazardly with a few future concepts and people spend most of their organizational time trying to clean up the impromptu mess.


Failed implementations can be avoided in your organizations by expert construction and maintenance of your implementation planning. Let Davis Wick Consulting, Inc. help you take your well-laid plans and put them into full flight.


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