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In the environment of today, strategic re-assessment and planning no longer encompasses a five-year planning window. Two years - a maximum of three - is the longest planning horizon corporations can or should tolerate. The market technology, requirements and competition simply dictate alert, sensitive market understanding and responses based on an integrated picture of “present perfect” organization.

Of course to do the best strategic re-assessment, initial time must be spent developing and articulating the picture of who the founding organization is - its history, purpose, products and services, target customers and the strategies, objectives, and tactics to move forward on the plan.

Many organizations are generally aware of a planning document developed and put aside and with a little help can find the file where the strategic plan is located. It is usually those organizations that over time begin to see and identify signs that the employees have:

1.     Misplaced the organization purpose for their own units’ required output measures;

2.     Lost where the customer stands in the day's priorities; and

3.     Clearly forgotten how the strategy the company's using is uniquely staging itself as a key market player.

Given organization evolutions, it is vital the strategic plan be revisited - with as broad participation as possible -- so that the guiding plan is reshaped and energized and the employees grab their pieces and see clearly how their branches flow from the singular corporate “tree.”


At Davis Wick Consulting, we strongly support a collaborative strategic planning process. We bring a number of helpful processes or approaches to the client and a knowledge, understanding and excitement to the work. Corporate executives and other employees join in and join together to do the planning, analysis and implementation work so that the chance of isolated pockets of misinformed or uninformed strategy interpretation, or worse, disconnected individual work are extinguished by joint development and integration of plans and systems.


The regular and redefined development of this corporate infrastructure is integral to a healthy and vital company. Let us help you to develop these planning steps to revitalize and strengthen your organization.



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