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Team Design, Analysis and Development

Org Design
Team Working Together Team development or team “building” is an often used term to mean anything from trying to survive in the desert and falling out of a tree backwards to diagnosing team dynamics, members and leaders and specifically designing activities and discussions that will deal with the team’s work issues and put solutions in place that reduce organization static. 

 Davis Wick Consulting does not do trees or deserts, but supports the environment by keeping the teams inside dealing with issues that can improve business’ performance and working relationships..

Many times, unfortunately, team development is viewed as an attractive, and even a “quick fix” to large and complex issues.  These issues may include:


Poor “fit” among team members, resulting in consistent challenges, conflict, deadlock – and ultimately damage to business results;


Poor business solution output;


Lack of perceived equity in the group; 


A harsh or uninvolved manager;


Unfocused, time consuming and unproductive meetings;


Resentful, defiant or withdrawn team members; and / or


Strong competition among members to the detriment of the team itself.

The truth is good sustained team development begins with thoughtful selection of team members, conscious management of the team processes and output, and active performance assessment of the team and its members.

One of the most successful team development approaches begins with interviews and analysis of individual team members, an initial one to two day team kick-off event, followed by team member partnering, executive coaching of the team manager and members, and regular “tune-up” work by the team to create the group that can really lead the business of tomorrow.

This approach to addressing group issues is a humane, intellectual, open and productive way of producing a team and organization culture where the work – even hard work – can be done in a challenging, energized and collegial environment.

New Teams And Members

While all teams have the responsibility to develop the team they have in place, in the course of the team’s life, many teams have the opportunity to actually select the team and team member (s) to create a tight fit in the group. This fit can result in the dynamics and processes that lead to spirited, challenging and collegial business leadership.

In those turn-key times, “on purpose” organizations deliberately seek employee (s) that demonstrate not only technical competence and a proven track record, but style and dynamic alignment with the team they will be joining.  That alignment must include a new team member’s:


Fit with the organization, its culture and needs;


Fit with peers and other team members;


Fit in the client / customer environment and culture;


Fit in style, complementing the team as a whole; and


Ability to be flexible in the complex situations presented to the team so that his / her strengths (and weaknesses) can be appropriately managed.  Additionally, being open to developing new skills that compliment the effectiveness of the team is critical as well.

Davis Wick Consulting, Inc. provides guidance, support and expertise in helping to identify candidates who demonstrate the most consistent and effective alignment with the organization and team being developed.  Through historical perspective interviews, current team sensing and key assessment tools, a prototype team and / or team member model can be developed that can identify the diverse success traits of the unique team being constructed, as well as the types of candidates that would have the most positive impact on the life and outcomes of the team.

The most effective team criteria recommended always encourages the diversity, creativity and “challenging” qualities for team and team members that is required in the growing and productive businesses today.  At times, that concept seems like the antithesis of a smooth, conflict-free team some executives purposefully look to create.

Unfortunately, to the contrary, the approach that encourages “same-thinking,” “right-minded” team members actually severely damages the creative and capable traits that are so integral to the constructive process.  Because of that, the team selection, development and high growth process we provide can best guarantee a long standing, robust and committed team to lead the future of an organization as complex and inspiring as the business itself.



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